On The Job Dividers - Grand Princess
On The Job Century - Royal Caribbean
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On The Job Dividers - Grand Princess
On The Job Century - Royal Caribbean
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World Ship Inc. is a US company which also operates in Italy using the brand names Naval Maintenance and KMS.

Our Staff:


  • 8 qualified employees working in the administrative and tech-supervising departments, ready to satisfy any request
  • 80 qualified workers guaranteeing a high standard of quality on all projects
  • 25 Metal workers
  • 18 Pipe fitters/Plumbers
  • 17 Electricians
  • 20 Carpenters All our workers hold the various Visas necessary to be able to work in the USA, abroad and in transit.


Vessel’s Name: CENTURY

Shipowner’s Company: ROYAL CARRIBEAN

Location of work performed: FINCANTIERI Shipyard – Palermo – (Sicily)

Date and Time: 27/04/2006 - 22/05/2006

Converting a bar area into passenger cabins.

Description: The project consisted in removing all the elements and appliances in the bar area (included conters, ceiling and flooring). Alluminium blocks for the construction of cabines had been prviously fabbricated in Palermo ( Fincantieri).
The removing of the elements was performed during navigation, from Barcellona to Palermo.